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Looking for exclusively handmade collectibles? Well your search has got the perfect destination here at the online store of Craftghar, as ‘handmade’ is their specialty. Be it your home or be it your closet- you will find an adequately varied collection of rarely beautiful items for each at this online store. Have you ever been smitten by a pair of dokra earrings or the absolutely festive silken thread jhumkas? Have the intricate wooden lampshades and the delicate bamboo home décor collectibles been on your mind for long, but you haven’t found the right place to get it from? Well, in that case, none other than Craftghar can make it up for you, whereon skilled craftsmen exhibit their works only to reach the right hands of admiration. Few highlights from the handcrafted collections are enlisted below- just as a handy guide for your shopping tour at the e-store.

Necklaces and jhumkas

The jewelry pieces displayed here at Craftghar spell intricate artistry. Some of the best skilled craftsmen who sell handmade jewelry online have displayed their jewelry creations here at this e-store. From handmade earrings of colorful jhumkas and handmade necklaces to the flawless finish of fashion jewelry- you will get it all here, priced at its best. The jhumkas go more elegant with their simplicity, single eardrops, be it stone studded or be it a faux pearl- looks prettier than a heavy pair of earrings.


Bangles and bracelets

Much interestingly the bangles and bracelets showcased here are also fine pieces of handicrafts. Yes, you will find here, some absolutely pretty silk threaded bangles in pairs as well as sets of more. With the royal ethnic attire of yours, nothing can go better than these silk threaded bracelets and bangles. Handmade bangles, especially those with silk ornate work, do the utmost justice to your rich silk embroidered couture. Also, when worn with cotton, any solid color fabric, these silk threaded bracelets make the unmatched accessories.

Lamps and more

The most important part of home décor is the lighting you choose. Apart from setting it absolutely classy, the lighting of your house sets in the tune for your mood as well. A decorative lampshade all meshy with cream color threads can surely be the highlight of your living area. A black vintage lantern with colored glasses goes straight into your balcony- so as to add to the playful romanticism of moonlit evenings. The Moroccan hanging iron lantern, in a grayish ivory or purple spells class with every inch of it, thereby fitting into the classic backdrops of your living area. Coming to the exclusively handcrafted lamps, the wooden and iron, colorful glass chimneys- hand carved to the mould of a pot- steals the show. For your candle lit dining tables, the uneven edged copper bowl tealight candleholders, available in sets of three are the perfect lighting options. From cotton to bamboo- the handcrafted lampshades available here are absolutely rare pieces of beauty that certainly can add to the décor of your home.

This online store is a beautiful platform for both buyers and sellers, yes to sell handmade jewelry online or any other handicraft online, it is just a few easy steps. So satiate your love for handmade and adorn your home and wardrobe with Craftghar.