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Why should we buy handmade crafts?


Importance of handmade crafts:

You might be an avid shopper who loves to visit malls to buy things. But how many times you have felt that what you bought was not the single piece? There might be 50 similar, factory produced pieces of what you bought. Have you ever thought about buying handmade stuff? Today technology advance in a blink of an eye and people are searching for authentic things.

Now you will ask me why you should buy handmade crafts. Well, there are many reasons. But I will list down few here.

First of all, you get to possess a unique item, one which no one else will have. As each and every item is made by hand, you can even customize it according to your choice and budget. Hoping to get a wooden temple which none of your family or friends has? You can directly talk to the person who makes it, indicate your preferences about the shape, size and color and viola! You will get a fully customized piece done! The first advantage of buying this stuff is customization.

Second, every purchase you make this way supports local artisans which helps the local community, hence providing support to country’s economy.

Next comes the feeling of having one-of-a-kind thing. Suppose you picked up a trendy, bead bracelet from the nearby craft fair. Now wherever you go, people keep asking ‘from where did you find that one?’ Isn’t that cool?

Now comes the turn of authenticity. It is not machine made, hence crafted with maximum care and love. The craftsmen take lots of trouble to hand pick the proper material and they are proud of their work. These goods are not factory made and hence artisans make sure that they last long. They don’t make craft just for the profit purpose. It’s their first love and this love is evident in each piece of handmade craft you buy.

You usually find this stuff at nearby craft fairs. Remember, when you buy handmade craft you’re, in some way, also helping the environment. These products are not made in industrial units which pollute our precious surroundings and natural resources.

Do you know that when you buy a handmade craft, you directly help the artisan who made it? There are no middle men and you don’t have to pay extra to him, the way you pay to the supplier, designer and manufacture for factory made things. Indirectly, you are also helping him to bring a square meal on the table for his family and fees for his children. Directly helping another human being this way does good to the soul. These craftsmen are the people who think with their heart and hands. If we support and nurture their skills, they will be able to pass our cultural heritage and talents to new generation.

I agree, handmade things are not always low-priced but one should not judge it by monetary values. It has a matchless aesthetic grace and possessing one makes you reach out and support another human being. Now won’t it fill your heart with joy?