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The beauty of different handmade paintings


India is a country rich in art, history and culture. The country has thousands of years of splendid past that involves a mixture of art and culture. It may be the folk dances, the poetry, the paintings or the sculpture, India is a prominent country in all of these. Especially, painting has been in our culture and traditions from many years. Whether it is painting patterns on the walls of the houses they lived in or painting art on a piece of paper, Indians have evolved along with this enchanting art.

India is a vast country. Hence, the different types of paints that you see in the country are also many. One of the major types of painting is the handmade painting. Indians love to own handmade paintings. So popular is this trend that you can now see handmade paintings online India too. Here are some varieties of handmade paintings that you can come across in India that you can bring home –

Madhubani painting –

One of the most popular among handmade painting in the country is the Madhubani painting. It is also known as Mithila painting as it originated from the Mithila region in India. The term 'madhu' means 'honey' and 'ban' means 'forest'. This painting was made by the tribal people of Bihar, hence the name. The Madhubani paintings were made by the women on the walls of their homes. The designs were mainly influenced by the culture of those times which included mythological heroes, like Ram, Sita, Krishna, Radha, Shiva, Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati. They also painted nature and its elements such as the sun, moon and the sky. Madhubani artists use bright and vibrant colors to bring life to their paintings.

Worli painting –

This type of painting is believed to be existing from the time of Mahabharata. This is basically a folk painting that depicted the marriage ceremonies of gods, Palghat, the bride and the groom and their horse. These paintings are especially used in celebrations like marriage as they depict the happy times and events. One of the popular painting theme in Worli is the circular pattern that depicts people dancing in circles.

Batik –

One of the most popular paintings in India is the batik painting technique. This technique is not just used to paint on paper or cloth, it is used in making clothing and bed sheets. Batik is a technique where wax-resist dyeing is used on the fabric. Batik can find its origin in India, but it is majorly done in Indonesia, Ghana, Nigeria, Mali, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. In fact, it is considered as national art in Indonesia. First the desired piece of cloth is covered with wax in a form of a design you need. This is then dyed with a colour dye. The wax part will remain undyed while the other parts dye forming a great design. Batik paintings can grace your home and add beauty and an ethnic touch to your house. You can buy handicrafts onlinetoo.

The history of Indian paintings is ancient. It can be traced back to thousands of years. Indians love painting and making designs. Indian paintings are famous all around the world.