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Longpi pottery

Named after the village of Longpi in Manipur, the Thankul Naga tribes practice this exceptional pottery style. A single village of 400 houses in the district Ukhrul of North-East Manipur, with perhaps just 200 artisans plying the craft, is the nerve center of Longpi earthernware.

Unlike most pottery, Longpi does not resort to the potter’s wheel. All shaping is done with the hand and with the help of moulds. The characteristic gray-black cooking pots, the stout kettles, quaint bowls, mugs and nut trays, at times with a pacing of fine cane are trademarks of Longpi but now fresh design elements are being introduced both to extend the product range as well as to embellish the existing pottery. The ensemble now encompasses, table lamps, candlestick holders and office collectibles. With a black background and few motifs, this art form expunges the “great divide” of practicality and ethnicity. An absolute must for eco-friendly enthusiasts !