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Temple Jewellery

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India is a fascinating country with many languages, cultures, traditions, religions and different lifestyles. Each state of India has its own language, customs, and way of living and sense of style. They even wear different types of jewelry. The temple ornaments are deeply associated with the Southern culture and many classical dancers still wear them during their concerts. You can’t imagine a south Indian bride without different types of temple ornaments like bangles, chokers, anklets, nose ring, armlet, hair accessory, waist belt and toe rings.

If we look back, the temple jewelry was famous during the Chola dynasty, and Pandya dynasty around the 9th century and it reflected magnificent and intricate motifs. The royals even used it as an offering to the temple to adorn the Gods and Goddesses. And that’s why it is known as Temple jewelry. However, the typical Temple jewelry is designed using gold and precious gems like ruby, emerald, topaz etc and they are expensive. Everyone can’t afford it. This is how the imitation temple ornaments came in the existence.

These affordable and gorgeous pieces are made with brass, kundan, gold plating, and several other materials, which keep the charm of the temple jewelry but are much cheaper and easier to take care of. You can store them in cotton to keep their colour fresh through the years. Our neckpieces, earrings, bangles, pendants and all the ornaments are designed in a way that they match your every attire. Whether you want to wear to a big occasion, a normal day out or mix-match it with your clothing, they will look fabulous no matter what. These pieces are not heavy to wear and anyone can carry them with grace.

At Craftfurnish, we bring you an entire collection of imitation temple jewelry like pretty pendants, chunky necklaces, gorgeous ear pieces and beauteous bangles which are carefully crafted with beads and other metals to give you a lovely look. Have a look at this fabulous range of ornaments which are authentic in design, and reflects the timeless beauty. They are not exorbitantly priced and hence they are also easy on your pocket.

Thanks to the imitation, now the temple jewelry is within everyone’s reach and women of all ages wear it to show off their stylish side to the world. Owning temple jewelry is a status symbol and a thing of pride for women. Our exquisite range of temple ornaments will be a valuable addition to your jewelry collection.