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Paper Handicrafts

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Paper Handicrafts

Paper has been introduced to our lives by the Chinese around 100 A.D. The Chinese were the first to use paper for decorative purposes in the fourteenth century when they started using it in embroidery patterns. The royal entourage was involved in designing and cutting of paper. With the help of their efforts, paper cutting became a folk art during that time. The crafting of paper was not only used for decoration but also quite influential in utilitarian purposes.

With time the art of paper cutting and paper making spread to other parts of the world like the Middle East nearly around the seventeenth century’s end and the beginning of the eighteenth century. Turkey also had a guild that took care of paper crafting. In history, it was noted by an observer that a guild member in Turkey displayed a garden containing paper cut flowers displayed for the ruler for a special ceremony.

The journey was long, but paper crafting was also introduced in Europe eventually in countries like Switzerland, Holland, Germany, and Italy, each having their own regional styles.

Nowadays, handicrafts are quite the trend. Creativity has always been a part of mankind. Since the ancient times we have given significant importance to art and crafts, be it in the form of paintings, jewellery, music, etc. Handicrafts are basically handmade objects made for decorative purposes. As paper is cheap and flexible for a variety of use, paper handicrafts are not a new thing today. Metals have are also used for decorative purposes. Silver handicrafts are quite popularly used in households on special occasions.

Handicrafts make use of creative skills that can be employed in making something decorative and useful for the people. They are quite popular and in demand. As mentioned above, metal handicrafts, work on textiles, and plants are also quite the talk in the art industry.

Be it sending out cards, or writing a letter for special occasions, the need for paper handicrafts is consistent. Occasions are known to be colourful and what can be more aesthetic than paper handicrafts. Craft furnish will help you shop some of the amazing paper handicrafts from the huge collection. If there is a birthday of somebody close to you coming up, make that day truly special by purchasing unique designs of paper handicrafts from Craft Furnish. If you want to go for something unique like stone handicrafts, even they are available here at Craft Furnish. Explore your creative self, today!