Pickle Jar

Pickle Jar Set

Since time immemorial, Indian households have witnessed the use of pickle jars in large numbers. Indians have always been known for their spicy and delectable food accompanied by various pickles and chutneys. You name a fruit or vegetable, and our grandmothers had a spicy and delectable pickle ready of it. Be it oily, non-oily and even watery (in the form of kanjis), we all must have tasted these pickles at some point or the other in our lives. The tradition continues to dominate our kitchens and dining spaces even today. Indian traditional food is incomplete without pickles and chutneys. And what better way to store and serve them than an attractive pickle jar set. Pickle sets are an important part of tableware in the Indian fine dining. For serving chutneys, pickles, vinegar onions to guests these give an authentic Indian dining experience. Pickle Set is widely used in restaurants, buffets, households and hotels. It is a perfect match for Indian fine dining experience. However, a word of caution: Do not store pickles and chutneys in the same jar for very long period of time as staining of these jars due to the extensive use of oils and spices used in pickles is a common problem in ceramicware. With the use of mild detergent in warm water, these stains will vanish instantly.

Keeping the tradition of serving pickles with food alive, Craftghar brings to you a wide range of ceramic pickle jar set designed exclusively in Khurja pottery style. Make your food eating experience special by placing these vibrantly coloured multipurpose jars on your dining tables. These are elegantly crafted jar set in varied designs, colours and patterns. Whether it is for everyday use or for special lunches and dinners, we have an entire collection for your use. These pickle jars are aptly sized to hold just the right quantity of pickle required to accompany your food. The jars come in a set of two or three pieces with and without spoons placed on a tray or otherwise. These jars have well fitted lids to keep your pickles and chutneys intact. We have a huge collection ranging from vibrant to earthy colours, each promising to make your lunch/dinner a special one. The varied shapes of these jars truly remind us of the traditional bygone era. Be it floral motifs, Warli art paintings, Mughal Era designs or the basic geometrical patterns, Craftghar has it all. So, what are you waiting for? Just pick your phone and order a pickle jar set of your choice…