Khurja pottery

Civilization, according to most historians began after the invention of the wheel. This wheel was later utilized in making pottery, which convinced the man that civilization was the way forward. Slowly, as time progressed the pottery was more than just a requirement. It had transformed into becoming a very uncanny and distinct art form that adorned the showcases and shelves. India, has been a frontrunner in the art of pottery. Along with China, India has been continuously on the look out for new, attractive and durable pots, which serve more than one purpose. The best part is that the internet has redirected interested admirers to buy the exquisite blue pottery online.

India is specializing in the production of two main kinds of pottery products – Khurja and blue pottery. Khurja pottery is a traditional pottery work, that derives its name from the Khurja district in the Uttar Pradesh state. Its history originates from the legend that Afghan king Taimur Lung employed Syrian and Egyptian potters, some five centuries ago. And a few other stories have also emerged, however, it is known that the glazed pottery form had India as one of the oldest centers.

Khurja pottery utilizes raw materials such as kaolinite, ball clay, fire clay, quartz, Bikaner clay, etc. and each of these is transported from various parts of India. As auxiliary materials, Zinc Oxide, Zirconia, Barium Carbonate, Chromium Oxide and Soda Feldspar are used. With around 15,000 odd artisans, the industry is thriving and with the availability of Khurja pottery online, the product has reached a number of patrons of these products.

The other type which holds almost equal importance is Blue Pottery of Jaipur. This Turko-Persian traditional craft of Jaipur is quite famous for the blue glaze on the pottery. The specialty about doing this is that there is no clay used and the raw materials include, quartz stone powder, powdered glass, Fuller’s Earth, Borax, Gum, and Water.

A ‘dough’ is prepared using the above ingredients and are glazed and low fired. The products that are made using Blue pottery are – ashtrays, vases, and coasters. You can now order your favorite Jaipur Blue Pottery online, and decorate your workplace, home, or garden. For efficient Blue Pottery online shopping, use the filters present on the website to select and choose the right product that you’re looking for. Once the payment is accomplished online, the product will be home delivered in a few days time.