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Incoming Surajkund mela of art and craft, Haryana


Hidden away in the confines of silent Aravalis and nestled between the peaceful villages of Baharpur and Lakkapur in Faridabad district of Haryana, Surajkund is a little town which turns into a whirlwind of color and riots of art-craft in each February as we get ready to welcome colors of spring and bid adieu to last cold of winter.

Come February 1st and this small place turns into a hub of traditional arts and crafts. Artists from each corner of India come here to demonstrate their talent and mastery in the various fields of arts. If you are an art lover, you will marvel and astonish at the amount of time, hard work and effort these craftsmen put in their work. Ending at February 15th, this fair attracts art connoisseur and tourists from all over the world!

Held in the serene backdrop of the lake, this conventional mela first started in 1987. It showcased the art work of talented craftsmen in different arena of art; from paintings, wood work, metal work, stone, weaving to sculpting and bead work. Today it has succeeded to place and highlight Surajkund in the artistry map of the world!

This well known tourist retreat selects different themes each year. In its 29th year this time, the organizers have selected ‘Chhattisgarh’ as the theme state. Also Lebanon has been invited to be the nation partner for this enthralling annual event. Extensive preparations plus safety measures are being held by government to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of visitors. As said by one of the spokesperson, this year around 20 countries are going to take part in this fort-nightly event as more than 400 craftsmen plus artisans demonstrate their skill, culture and rich heritage.


One can see paintings, pottery, terracotta, lac work, glass work, paper work as well as handicrafts, hand looms, bamboo, cane, iron work and some famous Indian saris like patola, chanderi and sambalpuri. The craftsmen also put on display, delicate ikkat and intricately woven pashmina shawls.

Not only this, the fair also exhibits the diversity of our performing arts and food as the mela also incorporates a food festival, featuring few of the most famous cuisines from many parts of our country. Providing the much needed platform to various artists, it also provides entertainment and rural ambience to lakhs of visitors each year.

The fair also reserves a small place to create a special gallery for showcasing and selling rare gems and precious stone jewellery from Rajasthan.

This year more than 400 artisans will be participating in this grand event. Also around 200 folk, drama and other cultural performers from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Haryana will swoon the mass by their enchanting traditional performances. According to one report, this year Haryana Tourism Corporation and Surajkund mela authority have joined hands with the Union Ministry of Tourism and Textiles to give shape to this mega occasion.

While this mela is a great chance for urban people to have a glance of the village life, at the same time, it gives chance to all craftsmen to directly showcase and market their skill in front of possible multinational buyers.