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How To Style Your Long Skirt Look


It is a very confusing thing for every girl when she will have to style a plain, simple, long skirt. Wearing it the same way every time is not done. You will have to look different each time. You might think that it is impossible to wear the same skirt in many ways. But, with some creativity and a few different types of tops, you can surely have six types of looks with one single long skirt.

Here is how you can wear the same long skirts for women in six different ways –


High waist skirt –

If you have a rounded tummy, you can hide it by wearing your skirt high just below your chest. On the skirt you can wear a simple plain top and tuck it inside the skirt. It will give you a modern and simple look for the day. Accessorize this with a belt or probably a long neck piece.

Low waist skirt –

When you feel like showing of your midriff, you can wear a loose, short top that ends just below your chest. Below that you can wear the skirt very low on your waist. The short tunic can be paired with a stole or some funky jewelry. It will give you this young and feminine look. Stilettos or wedges will suit this look.

Formal –

When the occasion is formal, you can team up your skirt with a formal full arm skirt. A white button down formal shirt will good with any colored skirt. It can be worn to meetings, office or formal dinners. Do not accessorize the look too much as ample importance must be given to simplicity. Use sandals below for that dignified look.

Winter –

You can wear the skirt along with a sweater on a winter day to feel warm and cozy. This look is basically for comfort, so you do not need any accessories. However, you can wrap around a stole if you feel too cold. High boots will go well with this winter look.

Travel –

When you are travelling, you can wear a sleeveless tunic on top of the skirt. The tunic can be collared or round necked depending upon your style. If it is a bit cold, you can wear a long jacket on the skirt and it will look absolutely amazing. Wear comfortable shoes as you are travelling.

Summer –

Summer is to show off your body, so wear an off shoulder or a cold shoulder top on your skirt and hit the beach. The off shoulder top is very girly and cheerful. You can wear flip-flops to complete the look.

A long skirt is an incredible fashion staple that you can mix and match with any of your clothes. They are chic as well as super comfortable. Depending upon the occasion, time of the day and your mood, you can wear it in any way you want. You can also buy long skirts online too. Just make sure you wear whatever you wear with a lot of confidence and style. Then, your style will certainly become a fashion.