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How to Make Your Plain Doors Interesting


The doors are the most functional part of a room. After all, they let you move inside and out of the room. While decorating a house, we pay a lot of importance to the walls of the room. We place the best things inside the room and do not recognize how plain the door looks. We neglect the doors completely. But, plain doors can dull the entire look of the room. For a complete beautiful room, even the doors must look good. Pretty doors compliment the look of the room.

Here are some ways in which you can pep up the plain doors and its surroundings to make the entrance of the room interesting –

Paint the door –

There can be no other way to make a door colourful than painting it. Most of the times, the doors are brown in colour owing to the wood used to make them. If your room is white colour or pink colour themed, the doors do tend to look awkward. The best way to sync the door with the surrounding is by painting it in the colour of the room. The door will match its room and won’t look weird anymore.

Accessories –

You can use door accessories to make it look fun and interesting. Accessories like door side hangings can be great to accentuate the door and make it look prominent. You can get all kinds of door side hangings in the market or online. Just choose the ones that go well with the colour and concept of the room. The door and its edges will look colourful and welcoming for the guests.


Wall paper –

Who said that the wallpaper is just for the walls? You can use them for the doors too. If you are decorating a colourful room, you can use some fun, funky and colourful wallpapers to adorn the back of the door or the door itself. The wallpaper will make the room interesting and your guests will be curious about what lies behind that exciting door. You can also use pastel coloured, floral wallpapers if you are doing up a simple and elegant room. Make sure to stick the wallpaper properly to the door.

Trim work –

A plain door can be made interesting and Victorian themed by adding trim work around the perimeter of the door. The edges can be covered with some great wood work designs that will surely make the door look antique and rich. This kind of décor will suit an elegant room.

Curtains –

If you do not wish to meddle with the door itself, you can just put up coloured curtains or screens for the door. This will bring in some patterns and colours to the plain door. Also, when the door isn’t closed all the time, the curtains can be pulled for privacy. You can get curtains anddoor hanging online.

Collage –

You can make the back of your door into a big collage of pictures that you love. Do not spoil the walls or chip the paint by sticking pictures all over the room. Just apply a cork sheet on the back of the door and you can stick all your favourite pictures to it.

These are some ways to make plain doors interesting.