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How to decorate your house with handmade products


This festive season, make your home the most beautiful one in your entire locality. Your house is going to be charming not by decorating it with various artificial items. But, by the essence of the natural handmade products. By using handmade products, you are not just beautifying your house, but also sending out a message of minimalism and simplicity. You are going to be a model for many people by doing your house up in this Indian way.

Here are some ways in which you can use handmade products to make your house look elegant and attractive in the festival season. You can buy handmade products online store too –

Handmade name plates –

Even before your guests enter your house, you can impress them with the unique handmade nameplates. You can get hand carved and hand painted wooden name plates that bear the name of the residents of the house. Various natural materials like wood, terracotta and bamboo and used to make these natural nameplates. The colourful and natural nameplate is far better than the expensive stone or metal plates. Also, it gives a welcoming feel to the guests. You can mount it on the door of your house or the wall next to the door.

Handmade rug –

Instead of spreading a heavy carpet on the floor, you can go for a handmade kilim rug which is not just simple, but also very attractive. The uniqueness of this rug is surely going to attract your guests because they would have not seen such a rug in many houses. Also, the rug is easy to spread, remove and wash when needed. You can chose from a selection of colours and match it with your furniture. Surely, your living space will be transformed in colour and concept with this rug.

Handloom clothing –

When it comes to the bed sheets, bed spreads and the cushion covers, you can go for handloom material. The hand woven soft clothing comes in many colours and you can choose a different type for each room in your house. Also, the exquisite designs that are found in handloom cannot be found anywhere else. Various colours, designs and patterns can fill your house with variety and eccentricity.

Handmade pottery –

A house looks beautiful only when it is filled with colourful and fresh flowers. Instead of putting flowers in glass or plastic vases, you can opt for handmade pottery vase that are just attractive. These timeless piece of art are as beautiful as the flowers that they will hold. Your guests will surely be impressed by the exclusive pottery.

Cutlery –

And when the time comes to serve your guests with food, you can bring out your breathtaking collection of handmade crockery. From tea sets to soup bowls, spoons to plates, you can buy the entire set of ceramic handmade and painted cutlery that is not just colourful, but also one of its kind. They are easy to maintain and look good on the dinner table. They are far better than the glass and plastic dishes that are used in many households.

Handmade crafts itemsare a part of our culture. This festive season, make them a part of your house too.