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Handcrafted Jewelry

India, from the earliest of times has been synonymous with the use of exquisite jewellery and ornaments. It is considered as means to accentuate beauty and is mostly associated with feminine elegance and grace. However, men have also worn jewellery for various reasons throughout history, showcasing a sense of power and wealth. Gold and Diamond ornaments have for long been one of the most sought after jewellery, followed by silver, bronze and other materials. The current generation, however, has been seen favouring handmade jewellery, mostly due to their rustic and elegant appearance.

There a wide range of beautifully and precisely handcrafted jewellery available in the market. Some of which are terracotta jewellery, Quilled jewellery and Fashion jewellery. The terracotta jewellery includes ornaments made of earthen materials or clay. They give a very typical, mystic appearance and go very well with casual outfits, during the summers.

The next type is Quilled Jewellery. This category of jewellery consists of quills, along with other elements of jewellery. This instantly ups the fashion ante and gets you noticed. The last but definitely not the least is – Fashion Jewellery. This type of jewellery consists of polished metal, and the more expensive ones consists of a large variety of gem stones. Fashion jewellery emanates a certain authoritative and dazzling persona, along with a bunch of sincere fashion followers.

The cost of the hand crafted jewellery tends to vary according to a number of factors. For example, utilization of rare gems in the making of ornament may proportionately increase the price. However, general variation is anywhere in the range of Rs 1000-4000, approximately. Few items in the quilt range and terracotta range of jewellery are also available for lower costs – Rs 500 – Rs 1000.

Nowadays, the best part about the sale of Handmade and crafted jewellery is its online availability. Now, one can comfortably purchase his/her favourite handmade jewellery online. In the online market one can clearly compare two products and carefully weigh the options. Not only that, the products are displayed along with short descriptions and features about the products, which prove really informative and convenient for the users to choose an item of their liking.

Not just that, the item is directly delivered to one’s place of residence or any other preferred location. Features of online purchase include: offers and discount, cash on delivery, purchase through credit and debit cards, etc.