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Glass Crafts

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Unique And Creative Glass Arts

The colorful Glass art is trending these days.

The Vastu also suggest to decorate your homes with glass pieces. To give a traditional look people also go for hand crafted glass paintings in their rooms.

Interior decorators suggest that putting the small mirrors in small area like bed room or passage area will give it a spacious look.

The crystal turtles can also be found kept in various houses . As people believe that this glass tortoise is a sign of good luck in their lives. We have the bowl and set of glass turtles in which they are kept. So if you too believe in this concept you are just a click away from your good luck .

Glass art is trending these days also latest home decor magazine shows that the homes are decorated with the glass pieces like:

  1. Glass lord Ganesha
  1. Wall clocks
  2. Glass painting
  3. Glass vases
  4. Crystal flowers
  5. Dhokra art
  6. Glass tortoise
  7. Glass statues and many more.

In this site we will provide you wide range of glass accessories that too at minimal price range. Various types of glass art accessories are as follows :


Glass wall clocks are in huge demand . These crystal wall clocks give entirely different look to your living area.


In recent year market have witnessed increased demand of glass statues also known as crystal showpieces. We offer wide range of crystal statues like Lord Ganesha, Lord Buddha, elephants, the running horses and many more. These crystal statues are known for their shine and finished look.

Wind chimes

Wide chimes are chinese concept. People find it lucky to have it in their homes. These days crystal wind chimes are in trend. To give the fascinating look to a Dining area.

Glass accessories

With increased demand of glass statues , glass accessories are also trending. These colorful glass accessories like : crystal vases, crystal flowers, glass tortoise etc. We provide wide range of crystal art pieces in any color of your choice. Our best sellers are glass turtles . These tortoise are available in any price range from 50-1500.


With concept of glass , mirrors are also in demand as it gives the small passage are or a small room a spacious look. The recent newspaper cover a interior coverage of a famous film star in which his dining area a white colored wall had small different shaped mirrors. So order your favourite shape now: circles, oval, square, rectangular, rhombus etc.