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Five Types of Handicraft Elements that are Great for Gifting


Handicrafts are exclusive, exquisite handmade items that are more beautiful than anything that is machine made. They have a touch of nature and are like snowflakes, each one is unique. There can be never a better gift than a handicraft when you are giving gifts to special ones. Not just because they are handmade, because there is a touch of sentiments with anything that is made from bare hands and involve a lot of creativity and hard work. It sends out a message that the special gift is for someone truly special.

Here are five raw materials that are used to make different types of handicrafts. You can pick any one of the clay, wood or metal handicrafts India according to the occasion, necessity and the likes of a person –


Clay –

The most basic among all types of handicrafts is the clay pottery. There cannot be anything more earthy and natural than a lump of clay going round and round and then shaping up into a beautiful pot or an idol that will bake in the sun and finally turn into a beautiful piece of art that will adorn the house and the hearts of a dear one. The clay handicrafts are simple to make, cost you less, are easy to maintain and do not need extra attention. But, when it comes to enhancing the beauty of your home, they are never far behind the other types of handmade materials. A lovely pot, a god’s idol or just a vase, these are some gifts that you can get for your friends and family.

Ceramic – almost similar to the clay pottery, these ceramic materials are quite hard and brittle. They are made strong by subjecting them to heat. Ceramic when painted will look very beautiful. Hand painted ceramic crockery, cutlery, pots, vases, statues and dolls are very nice to decorate one’s home with. The intricate painting that is done on the ceramics is so enchanting that anyone who receives this gift will be thankful for your gesture.

Brass –

If you want to buy something expensive for your loved one, you can choose the brass handicrafts. Antique pieces made of brass are in great demand not only in the country, but overseas too. People just can’t get over the beauty of brass statues, art pieces and idols. They are a bit more costly than the other handicrafts owing to the metal used. You can also buy metal handicrafts online.

Wood –

Wood is also a pocket friendly handicraft material that you can gift on any occasions. Carvings made on wood are intricate and breathtaking. The wood handicrafts vary from idols, statues, pen stands, vases, and doors to what not. You can just decorate the entire house using only wood. Based on the wood used, the price tends to vary.

Cloth –

Handicraft is not just limited to beautifying your house. It can also beautify you. From rugs, to table clothes, curtains to door mats, sarees to t shirts, you can get all types of clothes made from hand. The material is natural and easy to wear.

These are some handicraft elements that you can gift your loved ones with.