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Different kinds of handmade jewelry that can make your look interesting


No matter what you wear, nothing can beat the desi look. Wearing our own traditions and representing our culture is not just a proud thing to do, but also a beautiful way to look attractive. When you are not sure about what to wear, just wear something Indian and you will surely attract some compliments.

The Indian fashion is no longer old school. What was once only gold or silver jewelry has no transformed into a whole new level. Today you get Indian jewelry with a touch of modernity. The simple, handmade jewelry is pocket friendly, colourful and funky. You can own a sophisticated look by wearing these jewelry. Also, you will have the satisfaction that you are wearing something handmade and ecofriendly. Let us see through some of the most wanted Indian handmade jewelry –

Terracotta jewelry –

This is the most famous and in-demand among the handcrafted jewelry. Terracotta literally means ‘baked earth’. This kind of jewelry is made using clay. Hence the name. As the jewels are made of natural clay, they have a reddish-brown color. Once the jewels are given shape, they can be painted according to your whim. Usually, it is glazed for durability before adding colour. One of the best things about this type of handcrafted jewelry is that it is water proof and sturdy. What was once used in ancient times to create figures of deities is now used to make jewelry. Terracotta earrings are a trend among young girls who love to change their jewelry everyday according to their dress colour. You can get terracotta handcrafted earrings online too.

Quill jewelry –

This is the most simple, yet most elegant jewelry that you can lay your hands on. The handcrafted jewelry is made of paper. Yes, you heard it right, paper. The paper is layered one above other to form a pattern that will shape the earrings. As the layering is too much, the paper doesn’t seem sensitive anymore and will not be damaged easily. This is a technique borrowed from the west. Quill originally means the spine of the porcupine which was used by them to make patterns and jewelry. Today, quilling is done in less harmful materials like paper and feathers. It is a beautiful jewelry and simple too. Young girls just love the quilled earrings as they are fuss free and interesting.

Thread jewelry –

This can be called as a version of quilling because here instead of paper, silk thread is used to create a jewelry. Different colours of threads are used to make different coloured jewelry. You can get silk thread handmade earrings online shop in your desired colours. They can be worn to parties as well as college. They will go well with any kind of attire, Indian, traditional or fusion.

Jewelry is the most significant part of our looks. Women especially think of it as an internal part of their looks. They love to try out new stuff that complement their skin tone and style. Indian handmade jewelry are best suited for our skin tone and our style. The desi jewelry is taking fashion to an all new level.