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Handicrafts in India

India has a very rich craft tradition that is known by its great aesthetics and mixed art history; the crafts have difficult designs, patterns, painfully crafted monuments, temples and sculptures all that are distinguished masterpieces of craftsmanship. These handicrafts represent the culture, tradition and heritage of India; the Indian handicraft industry is also known to be a very important productive sector. There are numerous examples of Indian handicrafts that tell a story of the rich ancient past.

The most popular out of all the handicrafts were the ones made from bronze and till date they are considered to be an integral part of the rich Indian legacy. In the ancient times specifically during the Harappan period a lot of bronze figurines and statues were made which even today look as fresh as they were ages ago. Indian bronze work is so fine and clean that it still reflects the story of the Indian tradition. Bronze is used to make musical instruments especially bells and it is also used to make the strings of various stringed instruments. A lot of statues of deities are still made up of bronze and also a number of crafted mirrors are made by it. Except for bronze there are various other handicrafts also which are also responsible for our rich cultural heritage.

Various Indian handicrafts

· Bamboo handicrafts- India is known to be a producer of bamboo which is also one of the eco-friendly crafts in our country. A number of items are made from bamboo like the baskets, dolls, toys, furniture, mats, wall hangings and many other items.

· Bone and horn handicrafts- The bone and horn handicrafts are mainly famous for making birds and animal figures which just look real and very much alive. A number of pen stands, ornaments, table lamps, chess sets and Buddha figurines are made up of bone and horn.

· Paper handicrafts- Colourful and attractive papers are collected together to make kites, masks, decorative flowers, lamp shades and puppets. The paper handicrafts are mainly done in Delhi, Rajgir, Patna, Gaya and Ahmadabad.

· Jute handicrafts- Jute bags, bangles, jewellery, footwear and wall hangings are quite popular and are mainly made in west Bengal, Assam and Bihar.

· Wooden handicrafts- Wooden handicrafts are prevalent India way before stone sculptures came into existence. Axes, toys, utensils, decorative pieces, jewellery and many other products are created by wood.

Handicrafts indeed are an integral part of are rich history and cultural traditions.

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