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Jewelry has many forms made up of different kinds of materials. Anklet, Pendant Sets, Earrings are the different forms of jewelry we offer a wide range of all these reasonable prices. Buy different chains. Anklet, Pendants sets, Earrings etc. CraftFurnish is an online shop for jewelry designs. We are at the top in selling handcrafted products and items in India.

We offer a wide range of jewelry

● Bangles & bracelets

● Necklace sets

● Boxes

● Rings

● Fashion Etc


jewelry is of good quality and made up of different materials like silk,

silver, temple jewelry etc.

Chain: Jewellery has gained an important place in today’s women’s lives as everyone wants to put her best feet forward and jewelry have a way to add more to the beauty and overall look of the woman. If you feel beautiful, you are bound to feel more confident. Since olden times, women and men have been flaunting chains, an important piece of jewelry that symbolizes one’s taste in ornaments, and his/her social status. Previously very few metals like gold, silver were available. But today neckpieces are made from beads, brass, alloy, pearls etc. Not only that, nowadays you can even get organic stuff that shows off your eco-friendly nature.

A right type of jewelry can enhance your look and make you stand out in a crowd. It could brighten any kind of dressing without spending much and without much efforts too. At Craftfurnish, we offer you some eye-catchy ornaments that are versatile and can be teamed up with different types of outfits. So whether you are heading to a wedding or going out to a brunch in the relaxing company of your friends, we have a perfect ornament for each and every occasion. Easy to maintain, with an affordable price and a style that you won’t find anywhere, these chains will enhance your look in an instant.

At Craftfurnish, shopping is easy and hassle free. We bring you a collection of accessories so that you can shop easily sitting in the comfort of your home. We have a huge range which you can browse at your leisure anytime anywhere and select the pieces of your likes. Each of these items has been carefully selected after brainstorming what today’s women want. We always strive to bring you the best and most of the times, at low rates. Because at Craftfurnish, your satisfaction matters the most.