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Cane & bamboo


Cane & Bamboo

Cane and Bamboo is abundantly found in almost all the North Eastern States of India. The tribal inhabitants make utility products like basketry, which are woven in various patterns, shapes and sizes. The baskets are traditionally Conical, Flat bottomed or Flat Cylindrical and are used for carrying firewood, water, storing grains or straining rice beer beside other variety of fishing utility baskets. Cane and Bamboo is also used in making other utility items like trays, lamps, fruit baskets, kerings, walking sticks, Office bags, pen stands & a range of furniture products.

Cane & Bamboo

Funiture & artifacts

Cane & bamboo Sofa Sets, chairs, dinning/conference table, laundry baskets, waste baskets etc. are many forms of intricately carved cane & Bamboo products that can handle lot of usage without getting damaged. It is eco friendly as the same is made from a renewable forest resource.

The manufacturing process of cane furniture starts with the preparation of requisite amount of bamboo slips. Canes of various diameters are also reduced into slips of various sizes according to adaptability. The artisans then prepare a rough structure of the furniture by joining the different bamboo parts with the help of nails. In case of round-cane furniture, thin iron rods are used to get the round cane bend to the required shape. The actual weaving or coiling of the structure so made is done with fine slips of flexible cane. Cane & Bamboo is one of the main source of income for Chakma, Dimasa, Nagas, Mizos, Khasi, Garo Jaintias, Riyang Apatani, tribes from Assam, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Arunachal & Tripura.