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Since olden times, India has a rich heritage of handicrafts. Once our ancestors found out about metal, they started to use it to make different types of utensils like pots and pans, tools, jewelry, and more. People always have a thing for beauty as it attracts the eye of everyone. Later on, slowly the urban people knew the importance of having beautiful pieces of art around and they started to decorate their homes with skillfully crafted metal handicrafts. Any home would look plain dull and boring if different types of handicrafts are not placed at the focal points to accentuate and enliven the space.

It is said that having brass religious idols of cows with calf, Lord Ganesha and Aladin Chirag are meant to bring positivity plus good luck in your life. For those who worship cows must have a brass idol of the animal in your house temple on with the other Gods and Goddesses. It will bring you immense luck and joy in your family. Besides this, the Aladin Chirag is known for wishes, and if you believe in it, you must have one in your living space. Brass idols and décor is easy to maintain along with having a vintage look to it.

Today, we want to beautify our home and feel those special nooks with chosen pieces of handicrafts that would lend an artistic accent to the living place or office and also show off our fine taste in home interiors. Selective pieces of art can actually make your personal space more attractive, pleasant and a thing of joy to be cherished forever. Keeping these things in mind, the brass handicraft range at Craftfurnish is carefully designed to offer you the stunning pieces of art that you won’t find anywhere else.

Have a look at our fabulous Brass decorative handicrafts. Since olden times, brass is one of the favorite metals of the craftsmen. We have brass urlis, decorative art pieces like different vehicles, carefully crafted idols and religious figurines, diyas, the holy book stands, flower vases, jewelry boxes, ornaments, bags, coaster stand, strays, hookahs, watches, fruit platters, dry fruit trays and more. Add beauty and allure to your home or office. Finely detailed and precisely crafted, these beautiful brass handicraft pieces will bring out the best in your home and also lend it an antique allure. Give your home a touch of intricately designed showpieces that shows off your ethnic side to the world.