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Blouse designs: In the olden times, A blouse was the favorite outfit of women, children, peasants, and workmen. Hanging loosely over the wearer’s body, it was gathered at the waist or hips. Until the late 18th century, it was considered just a practical piece to cover the modesty. It had not gained a place as a fashion statement till then. But sometimes after that period, from a dull and boring outfit, it turned into an essential practical wear for working women.

Known as a choli, this midriff-baring upper garment in the Indian sari costume that is worn in India, southern Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and other countries have different names like चोली (Hindi), चोळी (Marathi), ரவிக்கை (Tamil), రవికె (Telugu), ರವಿಕೆ(Kannada). As found in the ancient literature and scriptures, the blouse evolved during the ancient Stanapatta period, and the Early cholis were covered the front with tie ups at the back. The evolving times brought many changes in this garment and designers started to experiment with the cuts, fabrics and manners of the blouse to lend a unique style to today’s well-educated and well-traveled women.

The choli is mostly made from the thick fabric. While cotton or a terry-cot or silk materials are considered an ideal choice for daily wear, one can find blouses made from georgette, chiffon, crepe, brocade, velvet etc.

Available in different shades, prints and designs, today blouses are embellished and embroidered with different decorative items like crystals, stones, semi precious jewels etc to lend it a distinctive look. At Craftfurnish, we have a marvelous range of this garment from brocade blouses to designer blouses, net blouses, lace blouses etc. We offer various designs like Round neck, Square neck, Chinese collar blouse, High neck blouse, Halter neck, Spaghetti straps style, Sheer sleeves blouse pattern, Backless blouse, Embroidery blouse, Patchwork blouse, and Bridal blouse.

The blouse is now an essential item for every outfit. You can wear it with lehengas, sarees, skirts, pants and dupatta, etc. With fashion evolving, blouses have made their way into modern clothing and designer outfits. You can buy blouses from Craft Furnish that are just like crop tops, but with beautiful prints and shimmery patterns on it. They are perfect for weddings, functions and bridal wear too. A high neck blouse can be worn with pants and an overlay dupatta draped like a pallu of the saree. This is the current trending style which you should definitely try! Go stylish with your blouses.