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Bewitching Bandhanis of Gujarat and Rajasthan.


Bandhani is a very famous word in Rajasthan and Gujarat and you will hardly find any Gujarati/Rajashtani woman who doesn’t own at least one Bandhani sari. This beautiful art practice has its roots deeper in the history of our beloved country. It originated before approximately 5000 years back and today India produces this bewitching fabric art in different colors and varieties like saris, odhnis, turbans, shirts, scarves and what not. Even the foreigners who visit our country can’t help themselves and buy a piece as the fond memories of India!

‘Bandhan’ is a Hindi word which means to tie. Expression behind Bandhani originated from this word. It is said that this fabric art came in existence by Khatri Muslim Community. And the practice has lasted from generation to generation.

At present, Jamnagar, Jaipur, Ajmer and Udaipur are hub of this Tie and Dye art. The process of creating a bandhani is simple yet it requires high skills. From the name itself you can understand that few sections of a dyed fabric are tied securely with a strong thread and then the cloth is dipped into rainbow of colors. Once the material dries, the tied sections are released and a skilled craftsman pulls apart the folds. Stunning patterns of symbols like strips, waves, dots, squares are created this way. The end product looks amazing as variety of motifs and patterns emerge on the fabric. India is a colorful country and the same reflects in attractive colors of bandhani. Yellow, red, green, blue and black colors are used and the workers make these colors using natural resources like flowers, leaves berries and roots.

Different types of knots have different names like Ekdali, Lehariya, and Jaaldar etc. while Patori, Ghar, and Khombi are the names of few of the end products.

Today the industry has grown ten folds and expert designers are experimenting with different combination and hues of colors and patterns. Bandhani has even earned a name in Fashion industry today and you can find not only saris but even chaniya-choli, shirt and dress material in bandhani pattern.