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Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Bandha’, which means ‘to tie’, the original roots of the Bandhej art goes back to 4000 B.C during Indus Valley Civilization. After that, the historians found some 6th-century paintings on the wall of caves of Ajanta where the bandhani dots can be prominently seen. This high-skilled process of fabric weaving involves tying up the cloth with a thread at several points. Then it is dipped into a bucket full of natural dye. The process creates beautiful and magnificent designs. Started in India by the Khatri Community of Gujarat, later it spread to places like Rajasthan. Today Jamnagar in Gujarat, Bikaner, Jaipur, Udaipur and Bhilwara in Rajasthan are quite popular for Bandhani Sarees.

Depending on the way the fabric is tied, various patterns like Baug, Bavan, Shikari, Chandrakala can be created. Mostly the natural colors are used for tie and dye process. The main colors include blue, green, red, yellow and black. With changing times, the designers have started to experiment with the fabric, pattern, and colors. Have a look at our wide range of Bandhani sarees at Craftfurnish and flaunt a new ethnic look that will win you jealous glances. The crinkled crease of fabric, breathtaking colors, traditional dots, floral, abstract, geometrical, zigzag, animal patterns and softness makes Bandhni Sarees one of its kinds. It is synonymous with love and happiness in marriage and is often considered an auspicious saree to wear during wedding ceremonies and religious festivals. One of the oldest forms of textile, today it has emerged from its traditional avatar and you can see many variations in terms of fabric, colors, and motifs. Our entire collection is specially crafted to suit every age, mood, and budget. Earn loads of compliments from the onlookers as you drape this glorious six yards.

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